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The Precautionray Principle:
A Self Destruct Message

by Eduardo Ferreyra
President of FAEC

For many years now, the basis of the international environmental thinking has been the Principle of Precaution, also known as the Precautionary Principle. Either way you name or look at it, is sheer nonsense. Grossly expressed, the principle states that,
“It will not be necessary certainty, nor demonstration of any damage, danger or risk in order to take immediate action to prevent it.“
In fewer words, it is just a blind expression of Faith. Much more trust is deposited onto sheer igno-rance than onto deep knowledge of facts, or logical reasoning. Plato would show himself somewhat disappointed. And Emile Zola would say that to condemn someone without necessary proofs, based only on suspicions or unfounded accusations –is just what happened to Captain Dreyfus.

Well, this is my “J'Accuse,” in defense of mankind threatened by irrationality and, as Zola would say: Because they have acted so much without reason, I will speak out. I promise I will tell the truth, and I will tell it if the court does not do it with utmost clarity.

It is my duty: I have no desire to be an accomplice. Every night I would be haunted by the specter of the innocent that purges far away, cruelly tortured, a crime he has not committed.

That's why I am addressing to you shouting the truth with all the strength of my rebellion of an honest man. I am convinced that you ignore what's going on. To whom denounce the infamies of that mob of real guilty wrongdoers, if not to the first judge of the country?

A carload of essays and demonstrations have been written showing the Precautionary Principle to be a total absurdity, and that its adoption for making public policies of any kind is more dangerous than any imagined danger the Principle purports to avoid. The fact is this Principle does not intends to prevent any risk or danger for mankind, but to prevent a bigger risk and damage of a very different kind, for an elite that has discovered the environmental business y the most profitable and moneymaking in the world – as long as the people is kept afraid enough by impending catastrophes and dangers that must look horrible.

Thus, we can see how the mass media fill the air with terrifying messages about events that always seem to be “worse, warmer, colder, faster, slower, more violent -- than previously believed”, that is, everything is always “more” than never before.

Therefore, scientists or yesteryear were ignorant morons with no idea of how dangerous was the world we are living in, without any glimpse on the infinite capacity of the human species for ruining anything it touches. Physicists and mathematicians (Leibnitz, Darwin, Einstein, Bohr, Fermi…) could imagine nothing, nor the ret of scientists that lacked any ability to understand the way the world functions (Milantkcovitch, what did he know? – geological cycles do not exist, only CO2 matters), until modern scientists discovered that Gaia ruled everything. Only scientists of the computerized climate model generation have realized the Truth; have foreseen the horrible abyss we are heading to. We are lucky that they warn us about all those dire things ready to devour us up. Just look up: the sky id falling on our heads…

The Techniques of Pillage

The preferred technique of older highway robbers (today's robbers have luxurious offices in public ministries and governmental buildings) was to scare people out of their minds by death threats. A sword in the chest, a knife at the throat, or a pistol in the forehead were arguments valid and convincing enough as to infuse panic in most victims, who let the robber take the loot in exchange of their lives – It seemed a fair and equitable deal – in the looter's view.

But the assailant's success was based primarily on the victim's ignorance and incapacity to successfully defend itself. That's why the victims were chosen among those who were not professionals of war or self defense, as samurais, ninjas, or riding knights. Robbers were careful enough as to not assault the King's guards because it was especially dangerous. With this I want to point out that it is easier to scare somebody unable to defend himself, than those who know quite well how to do it. Taken to our daily lives environment, those who know about science are less prone to get scared by imaginary dangers, and do not panic by Apocalyptic announcements from the man standing on a Soap Box at Hyde Park – or sitting in the presidential chair at the IPCC.

Although the business of scaring children proved fruitful at the beginning, and excellent results were obtained as shown by the ban of DDT, the stall and apparent death of the nuclear energy development in the USA, the ban of CFCs, PCBs, and other innocuous chemicals, the public has been losing its capacity to get into panic. When a threat is brandished for too long a time without becoming real, it becomes a mock without emotional value. The threat of a nuclear war was a useful tool for keeping the people scared and obedient to Cold War policies –until the people noticed that not the USA nor Russia were so stupid as to embark in a nuclear war.

But the nuclear war was an integral part of US and European societies for many decades, that proved useful for many to make splendid business, defense contracts, or selling books and TV documentaries on the Nuclear Winter (Carl Sagan et al.) The Nuclear War was a neurosis that gave the tip to politicians that the best way to keep the public scared and anxious to be saved from Doom, is to provide them with lots of periodical, impending and almost irreversible catastrophic threats, and get in return a submissive society, grateful to their Masters for saving them from Hell.

But, as happened to the Atomic Threat, the various and progressive neurosis given to the public, didn't last for ever. The same as old coins, their face was eroded by use, and finally have lost their value. Prophesized dooms have been pending too long over our heads with no sign of becoming real. One by one, they have been popping off as soap bubbles.

The ozone layer has not disappeared or even diminished, nor has the UV radiation increased; there were no skin cancer epidemics, nor cataracts increased. Earth has not warmed in the horrible way they have been predicting for more than 30 years; storms and hurricanes did not increased in number or intensity; although some smaller glaciers are retreating, the bigger ones are increasing their mass and advancing rapidly. Antarctica is getting colder by the year, and its ice pack is getting bigger and bigger, the same as Greenland. Whales are increasing in number as to become a threat to krill and the entire food chain (400.000 mink whales eating one ton of krill a day, is something to consider!). Species are not extinguishing at the rate of 40.000 a year but merely at 0,7% every 50 years, following the natural rhythm imposed on each species by their biocron – while many other “previously thought” extinct, are “rediscovered” and taken off the endangered species list.

Famines prophesized by Paul Ehrlich, Lester Brown, the Worldwatch Institute, the Club of Rome, to occur in 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 (--- it keeps going on, just fill you own date for Doom), did not materialize at all. Instead, per capita calories in developing countries increased by 36%. It is an irony that during the entire human history man was struggling for getting food, and in the last part of the 20th century one of the real serious problems for mankind is obesity. It seems that people today is concerned with eating lees instead of trying to eat more.

Earth is predicted to run out of oil in 20 more years, or so. It is funny that that prophecy has been repeated since 50 years ago – when the date arrives and gas pumps still pump out gas, prophets like Ehrlich just move the “running out” date another 10 years, write anther book about the impending Apocalypse, and start getting checks from “charitable” foundations “for a well done job”. Know something? Paul Ehrlich has missed all and every one of his prophecies. Just check out there in Google, under the keywords: “Paul Ehrlich predictions”.

Since 50 years ago they have been warning us that oil will run out in 20 years. In 1990, oil reserves were not depleted as predicted – instead, oil reserves are now calculated for 250 years, and after that, oil sands in Canada and other places will make the miracle for 500 years more. And then what? Man resourceful genius, that's what… We have uranium to provide energy for some millions years more - and after that? Who cares?

The same prophecy was done for iron, copper, tin, silver, alumina, and other minerals. Strangely, they did not disappear or got scarcer, but their price went down. Once more, alarmists just shift ahead the depletion date another 20 years and go cashing checks. (Sometimes I wish I were a paid alarmist...)

So oil price keeps going up and up? What did you expect? It has been going down and down, so someday it was supposed to regain its original value. Remember inflation? You do? Well, now calculate the inflation from 1974 to 2005 and will see that the price of oil and derivatives were steadily going down. Taking inflation in account, oil prices in 2004 were a third of the price in 1974! Not bad, eh?

Doubts Arising?

And then the people began to suspect they were being cheated. People started to listen to those that remained skeptics about so many catastrophes, and stopped getting scared enough as to stop sending donations in cash to “saviour ONGs”. Cash inflow for green groups started to go dangerously down, and down. That was the real danger that saviours feared more than any comet hitting the Earth. Or a tsunami wiping out New York. It became a matter of life and death to return that cash inflow to their previous levels. It was therefore necessary to increase the level of catastrophe and urgency to their messages and prophecies to force –not the unbelievers- but the dubious politicians to enact laws and regulations that would assure the old flow of money to their coffers.

The politician's doubts were the echo from the honest scientists' doubts, which were rebelling against so much dishonest abuse of science and technology, and the questions that were in most people minds were: Why such a hurry? And, if after all, it is not true?

That's why the Precautionary Principle was created out of nowhere. It is not needed any proof in order to take preventive action. People have always taken preventive actions in the face of dangers –visible and real dangers, whose consequences they have experienced. That's why people will not build a house in a volcano furnace. Or will build river defenses to prevent floodings. Ask the Dutch why they build so much dams and sea barriers. That's not in their imagination. It has been proved many times in history.

But global warming? Ozone depletion? It's only in the algorithms of some computers, or in the manipulation of some easy to fake statistics about temperatures or chemical reactions 25 km above our heads – chemical reactions that have not been reproduced in any laboratory down here.

The Precautionary Principle basis is: suspicion is enough. Better safe than sorry…Nonsense. Had man adopted this principle for survival, we would still be jumping from one branch to another, afraid to go down the tree to drink water from the river.

But theories and hypothesis are proved or disproved by means of the direct method, or by the method of the absurd. The Precaution Ad Extemis theory cannot be proved by the direct method or by any other than a Deep Act of Unreflecting Faith, a Jump into the Abyss of Ignorance, its uselessness can be demonstrated by the absurdity it would be if it was applied in many cases.

If the Principle will be accepted as a general behavior, it MUST be applied to ALL cases in which there is a danger or a risk to be avoided – even though there are no proofs for such danger – as the nefarious principle states. Let us see a short list (extracted from a much longer one) of things that would be prohibited because they have been accused of something (even there are no proofs – the Principle says that: no proofs needed!), the risks and threats are there, latent, waiting to jump to our throats, and “better safe than sorry” – we MUST ban them all!

List of Things to be Banned
Applying the Precautionary Principle

  1. Industries of any type (They use energy, fuels and electricity)
  2. Agriculture: (Disrupts environmental balance and creates unnatural habitat)
  3. Cattle (Idem item 2 + conspires against animal's rights)
  4. Fishing (Violates ítem 3 + fish contain mercury affecting children)
  5. Hunting (Violates ítem 3 + causes massive extinctions of species)
  6. Minning (Uupsets the environment irreversibly + supplies toxic minerals)
  7. Extraction of oil and gas (They emit CO2, SO4, NOx, + other toxics)
  8. Construction (Destruction of animal habitat + extinction + toxics + warming)
  9. Irrigation in agriculture (Dams upset negatively the environment and will cause 'water wars')
  10. Water Potabilization (Chloine and Fluorine cause cancer + emasculation in men)
  11. Transport – any kind (consume energy, emit CO2 + deadly accidents)
  12. Polutry and eggs (illicit activity by ítem No.3)
  13. Wind tubine factories (Industries consuming energy = anti-ecologic)
  14. Hydrogen factories (use electricity for producing it = anti ecológic)
  15. Sports (all) (use devices and equipments produced by the industry. The Marathon can be run – naked and barefooted.)


  16. Common table salt (contains chlorine + sodium = carcinogenic + high pressure)
  17. All Vegetables (contain many (thousands) carcinogens)
  18. All meats (violates ítem No.3 + various carcinogens + cholesterol)
  19. All sea food (contain mercury + sodium + chlorine + ítem No.3)
  20. Sugar (diabetes + carcinogens)
  21. Potatoes, Maniocs, Cazabes (carcinogens = chaconin, solanin, prusic acid)
  22. Roots of many species (toxic, carcinogens, hallucinogens, etc)
  23. Vines and sprouts (halucinogens, narcotics, carcinogens + neurotoxics)
  24. All type of Soda drinks (esophageal cancer, carcinogens in sweeteners, etc)
  25. Wines, Beers and Liquors (alcohol = hepatic and neurophysiologic poison)
  26. Coffee and Tea (various carcinogens – pancreas, stomach, prostrate, etc)
  27. Mushrooms, and champignons (halucinogens, hidrazines, carcinogens, etc)


  29. 80% of medicines (they are clorhidrates: chlorine = poison)
  30. Antibiotics (clorhidrates = contiainn chlorine = poison)
  31. Vaccines. (Said to cause autism in children)
  32. Pain relievers (carcinogens, clastogenics, birth malformations)
  33. Anti fever (carcinogens, teratogenics, clastogenics)
  34. Cholesterol Reducers (chloridrates = carcinogens)


  36. Electronic devices (Made with plastics = anti ecologic, PVC, ftalates, etc.)
  37. Air conditioning (gases deplete the ozone layer + use energy)
  38. Heating (use electricity or fuels causing CO2)
  39. Hair driers (energy + plastics + metals + asbestos)
  40. ELECTRICITY (For producing it = emision of huge amounts of CO2 + sulphur compounds)
  41. Dairy Produce (origin in an illicit activity as cattle)
  42. Newspapers, magazines, books, etc (Use paper, deforestation, energy waste, CO)
  43. Clothes, shoes (illícit activities No. 2, 3, 4, 5, etc)
  44. Housing, indian tents, shacks, etc (only caves allowed) violate items 6, 7, 8, y 11. Use of forbidden elements)
  45. Bicycles, tricycles, & skateboards (They use forbidden minerals)
  46. Any kind of shoes (they use forbidden materials)
  47. All variations of these forbidden products and their sub-products.

The Real Danger is the Principle Itself

According to the Green Mantra, all activities mentioned above, taken from a list of thousand of activities and products, exert an irreversible impact on the environment, conspire against the wellbeing and survival of all little critters in the woods, and this produce catastrophic effects on biodiversity and the irremediable and imminent extinction of all species in the planet – man included. This is happening, of course, at a speed “faster than previously believed”, in an extension “without precedent in the millenium”, and will happen “much before than previously calculated” by computer simulations. Oh, yes… the models. They will have to be banned, of course, because they use computers, a forbidden technology – anti ecologic.

Now let's be serious and hear this: Would you permit your children to be prevented from being vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella, polio, tuberculosis, typhus, yellow fever, tetanus…? Would you renounce to use aspirins, antibiotics, pain relievers? Would you let your cholesterol rise to the sky because they have banned atorvastatin chloridrate? What would you do about your thyroids, your high pressure, your arthritis, your bile stones, your otitis, your tooth aches?

Will you let shamans, witch doctors, charlatans and homeopaths, “cure” you using traditional medicines from Gaia`s entrails? No more tooth paste, or perfumes, no deodorants, no toilet soap, or detergent for washing your clothes; no more dry cleaners, nor shoe stores, no more clothes, shirts, socks, underwear? No more fish, lambs, cows, poultry, breakfast eggs.. What about your Saturday barbecue? No more movies, TV, videos, video games, DVDs, internet, beach vacations, travel to Europe, the Caribbean, the Far East? Do you really realize what you are risking by accepting the concept of the Precautionary Principle?

With what instruments will try to cure you or your children those doctors in hospitals that will have no electricity, no medical equipment, no medicines (Imagine a world like the interior of my poor Argentina - or Haiti. Does not frighten you?)

Then consider that all this would eventually happen (yes, step by step, they are introducing the Principle in the Constitution of the European Union – in any moment they will be knocking at your door… and what will you do?) if the Precautionary Principle is applied in the way that has to be applied: to everything that is risky and has been accused of posing dangers –even imaginary or non demonstrated ones. Because if we are going to be selective in applying the Principle –here yes, there no – then the scam becomes too evident.

Or perhaps the people is already aware that the Principle is nothing else than a fraud? In case you had not been aware of the danger that represents the application of this Principle, that is used to determine what you will be allowed to eat, drink , buy, sell, do, hear, watch, etc – then, think again. You lifestyle is in jeopardy, your children future is at stake as are the possibilities you have of advancing in life –or that you think you still have.

World Proposal

The Precautionary Principle is like those messages that Mr. Phelbs used to get in Mission Impossible, “it will self destroy in five seconds” after they were heard. The strict application of this same Principle makes it unacceptable. It is too dangerous for mankind's survival, and there is no need for the logical or scientific proof for taking a preventive action. The same Principle says so – and where they give socks, they get socks. Thus, I propose a World Campaign for discussing the Precautionary Principle in all Congress in the world and be prohibited as a base for legislation and regulations of any kind.

  • Artícle One – It is forbidden the adoption of the so called “Precautionary Principle” because it represents a real danger for development, economic progress, amelioration of sanitary conditions and life expectancy in all countries in the world, and because also conspires against human nature, and our national culture and way of living.”

  • Article 2: Those who promote the adoption of this nefarious Principle will be considered “infamous traitors to the fatherland” and the human species, and shall be condemned to the death penalty because there is no use in keep feeding rascals and genocides.

  • Article 3: So be it, file it, execute the guilty, and let us go home because it is raining.

    Eduardo Ferreyra
    President of FAEC
    Argentinean Foundation for a Scientific Ecology

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