South America Ozone

by Eduardo Ferreyra
President of FAEC

In an website called Solcomhouse, there is abundant (mis)information about ALL issues related with the environment and ecology (66 pages and their sub-pages), from the panda bear and elephants to global warming, and the ozone layer hoax. Clicking over the ozone icon we are transferred to the marvelous and fantastic world of the "The Ozone Hole", that contains a huge amount of pages about the ozone issue. Although it uses material from NASA, the World Meteorological Organization, the British Antarctic Survey, and Environmental Canada (?), the information actually is presented and analyzed in a way that only those ignoring everything about the subject will fall for it. An example of this claim is the article with the same title as the page you are reading now: "South America Ozone", starting with the following graph and an unbelievable story (for the army of people who know about the issue), army you are about to sign up after reading this report:

South America Ozone

The Ozone hole has reached land and population areas in Argentina, Chile and The Falkland Islands since the 1990's. Ozone levels drop down as much as 70% in some areas. The protective level of ozone has dropped below 150 dobson units in some areas.

The area and population affected including the Argentinean city of Ushaia which has a population of 30,000 and Punta Arenas, Chile which has a population of 120,000 .It has reached further north at times affecting the towns of Rio Gallegos, Puerto Santa Cruz, and Rio Grande affecting an additional 200,000 people.

Punta Arenas is the only city in Chile where the media provide a daily report on ultraviolet radiation levels. When there is a yellow alert, there is a moderate level of UV radiation, but an orange or red alert means dangerous levels.

The residents of Punta Arenas, despite receiving more unfiltered solar radiation, are less affected because they do not expose as much skin to the Sun's rays. The region's cold temperatures mean that people are less likely to be found outside with bare heads or arms. Another element in their favor is the location of the city with respect to the Sun. In Punta Arenas, solar radiation reaches the Earth's surface at a much more acute angle - and is therefore less intense - than in Santiago, located 2,200 km to the north.

And thus ends South America ozone webpage, loaded with a barrage of incredible misinforma-tion. Those who know little about the subject, or not enough, will surely be left somewhat worried. Forget it! We are going to analyze the information, step by step, and will see the malicious way in which this people distribute their noxious misinformation, hiding relevant information, in their old intent of increasing the already high psychosis levels of the population. It is clear that if they showed all the information on the subject, their website would not have a reason for existing, because they would be giving themselves a shot in the foot – or a shot in the neck of the Sacred Cause they are serving: The scare to the ozone hole and the justification of the Montreal Protocol and the CFC ban.

Will begin by analyzing a graph of the Ozone Hole presented in the same website (extracted from the NASA/TOMS database, the satellite meaduring ozone levels). I recommend you to look carefully at the color scale at the right of the graph, and compare the colors with the ones in the areas of the map at the left. Then keep reading.

Environment Canada Southern Hemisphere Ozone Map

This map shows Antarctica on September 9th, 2003. At that moment, the British Antarctic Survey considered ti as the BIGGEST OZONE HOLE IN HISTORY,because the area covered by the "hole". The article said:
" The Ozone hole has reached land and population areas in Argentina, Chile and The Falkland Islands since 1990's. Ozone levels drop down as much as 70% in some areas. The protective level of ozone has dropped below 150 Dobson units in some areas."

Let's go back to the NASA map and see which were the levels of ozone over Tierra del Fuego, Punta Arenas, Río Gallegos, etc. Surprise, surprise! That very special day, the biggest hole ever recorded in history (according to them!), ozone levels above those regions were in the 250-275 Dobson units (light blue color in the scale) the same amount of ozone that was right above most parts of northern Argentina and Río de Janeiro, places where the Sun is not precisely weak.

At the same latitude as Ushuaia and Puntas Arenas, over the ocean, we can see huge areas where ozone values go well over 400 DU, and even reach 500 DU! As the Earth spins and the atmosphere is not steady, those ozone concentrations will be soon over Patagonia – with those 400 DU shown in the NASA map and not with the 150 DU as claimed by the misinforming website.

And what about Australia, where the skin cancer epidemy is rampant (according to ozone scaremongers) because the hole reaches there? Not during the Biggest Hole in Record, at least. NASA's chart shows with utmost precision that Australia got that day 400 DU over Tasmania, 375-350 DU over Sidney and Melbourne, 300-275 DU over Alice Springs, and then 275-250 DU to the north. That means that the closer to the ozone hole they are, the safer Australians are from getting melanomas! At least safer than those fellow countrymen in the north...

But the article also said: ”Ozone levels have decreased down to 70% in “some areas”. This begs the question: 70% of which values? “Normal” average values for most of planet Earth are between 250 - 275 DU, and normal values in regions around the poles are 400 DU. 70% of 275 DU is 192 DU, and 70% of 400 DU is 280 DU. Let us choose then the worst values in order to give to The ozone Hole people more probabilities of being right.

If we watch the map closely, that 70% decrease (190 DU) is found in two small areas well within the Antarctic continent, those dark grey areas. Is somebody living there? Perhaps some scientists and technicians in some scientific bases. Are they in danger of getting skin cancer, or cataracts because the “high” radiation pouring down the hole? Less than the danger you run when walking down the street to your nearest supermarket.

Then, how much will the global UV radiation increase with a 10% depletion of the ozone layer, as prophesized by Greenpeace (after prophecies by Nobel Prize F.S. Rowland, and his Chihuahua doggie Mario Molina).  Five times less, according to the scientists at LAGE. Then the UV radiation will increase 0,15% globally – about the same increase we get between 9 and 9:30 in the morning, o making a trip downtown, from Central Park to Wall Street in New York.

If that has not calmed down your nerves, then listen what Martínez and Orlansky, kept saying, back in 1988:
“Global radiation peak values (according to annual averages) are about 300 watts/m2 in Buenos Aires; about 100 to 150 watts/m2 in Ushuaia; and 100 watts/m2 in Antarctica. Radiation levels right under the Ozone Hole do not reach the average levels found in Buenos Aires at the same moment.” “Wow! Does that means that when there is a big ozone hole over Ushuaia and Punta Arenas, they are getting between half and third of the radiation falling over Buenos Aires at the same time?

Then why in heaven does Punta Arenas have a UV Daily Alert Service? Don't tell me those are jobs taken by friends of Chileans politicians! But let us keep analyzing this funny article:
“…but an orange or red alert means there are dangerous levels” Once again, we must ask ourselves: “Are this people finding dangerous those 250 DU that we saw in NASA's map during the Big Hole Festival? If 250 DU are the same levels of UV radiation that were falling over Río de Janeiro at the same moment! And of course, there are not more incidence of cataracts or melanomas, or skin cancers in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires than there are in Ushuaia or Punta Arenas!

Do you want to laugh some more? Do you remember when the article told us about the people living in Rio Grande and Rio Gallegos? And they were saying this:
“… The region's cold temperatures mean that people are less likely to be found outside with bare heads or arms. What?!! And people in Rio Gallegos and Rio Grande – are they walking in the streets in September wearing bathing suits – and no sunscreens? It makes me shudder to think this can be believed by thousands or millions of persons!

OK, let's cut the joking. We already saw that during full size of the infamous hole over Tierra del Fuego and southern Patagonia:

  1. They have 250 DU of ozone levels over their heads,

  2. Because the acute angle of incidence of solar rays (less than 30%) UV radiation reaching the surface is around 100 - 150 watts/m2, that is, less than half of the radiation falling over Buenos Aires at the same moment.

Where is the horrible danger?

See the weather in Argentina

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