Comment by Christopher Monckton,
The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

The trouble with the world is
that the stupid are cocksure
and the intelligent are full of doubt.

--Bertrand Russell

Scientific evidence presented by leading climatologists at the New York climate conference (March 2-4) demonstrates that the costly "global warming" scare is at last over.

Professor Ross McKitrick, who had previously demolished the shank of UN's "hockey-stick" graph that had falsely abolished the mediaeval warm period, has now destro-yed the blade as well. Global temperature, he said, had risen by only half as much since 1980 as the official records showed. The UN, in its 2007 climate assessment, has been unable to find a single scientific paper refuting this conclusion.

Dr. Bill Gray showed that changes in the deep oceans over the decades accounted for two-thirds of the warming that has recently been observed.

Dr. Willie Soon, of the Harvard Center for Astrophysics, demonstrated very close correlations between changes in solar activity and changes in global surface temperature. During the 70-year-long solar grand maximum that has just ended, the sun was more active (and for longer) than at almost any similar period in the past 11,400 years, but this fact has gone entirely unreported in the news media. Now that solar activity is declining, so is global temperature: the drop between the monthly mean for January 2007 and January 2008 was the greatest since records began in the 1880s. According to some solar physicists, the sun has accounted for up to half of recently-observed warming.

Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the UN's climate-change panel, has noticed that global temperature is not rising anything like as fast as its climate assessments in 1990, 1995, 2001, and 2007 had predicted. He has said that the UN's calculations now need to be reviewed. My own short presentation at the New York conference told him exactly where to look. My Nobel-prizewinning contribution to the UN's 2007 report took the form of a correction to a table of figures - inserted by the UN's bureaucrats after the scientists' final draft had been submitted - in which the con-tributions of the Greenland and West Antarctic ice-sheets to sea-level rise had been incorrectly (and, I think, deliberately) multiplied by ten, through the ingenious shifting of not one but four decimal points in the table. At my insistence, this error was hastily corrected after publication.

In my presentation, I showed that the UN's statement of the value of a key variable to one rather than three decimal places had led to a 50% overstatement of the effect of all greenhouse gases on temperatures. I also demonstrated that the UN, without justification or explanation, had increased the value of the temperature-feedback multiplier by 71% in little more than a decade. Removing these and other embarrassing errors and exaggerations on the part of the UN, I calculated that global temperature would be likely to rise by less than an entirely harmless 1 degree Celsius (2 F) in response to a doubling of CO2 concentration.

But it was Vaclav Klaus, the President of the Czech Republic, who brought the con-ference to its feet with an elegant speech that accurately presented the "global warming" alarmists as the latest in a series of political movements whose real ambi-tion is to take away our prosperity and our liberty. "It's not about climatology," he concluded: "It's about freedom."

Where now? As the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice spread simultaneously to cover more millions of square meters than at any time since records began, it is not only poor Dr. Pachauri who is beginning to realize that the politicians and bureaucrats who domina-te the UN's climate-change panel have gotten their sums wrong. Ordinary voters, faced with absurd intrusions into their private lives in the form of compulsory poison-filled light-bulbs and fraudulent "carbon trading" schemes, are beginning to ask the searching questions that the news media would have asked if they had not been so mesmerized by the circulation increases that their original stories of doom and disaster had engendered.

Now, the hype is wearing off, and the media that are winning the ratings war are those who give a more careful and balanced presentation of the facts. It's only a matter of time before a leading investigative journalist earns himself a Pulitzer by exposing the (very unsavory) financial and political links between the dozen scien-tists who are chiefly responsible for the "global warming" scare and certain national and international politicians, most of them on the near-Communist left.

The voters now sense that the "global warming" scare is indeed over. As always, it will take the politicians rather longer to catch up. But those who have been most sedulous in peddling the false prospectus of climate alarm will in due time find themselves flung out of office, perhaps forever. As the Good Book says, "Great is truth, and truth prevaileth."

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