John Daly - Australia - ( Deceased: January 28th, 2004 )

Originally from Britain, he went to live in Tasmania in 1980, settling near Launceston, and for the last 9 years have been one of the numerous `skeptics' speaking out publicly against the Global Warming scare, which makes exaggerated claims that the earth will warm by +1.5 to +6 deg. C. due to an enhanced Greenhouse Effect.

Climate and climate change has been a lifelong study of his life since his early days as a ship's officer in the British Merchant Navy. He has lived through and traced the progress of the `ice age' scare of the 1970's, the `nuclear winter' scare of the 1980s, and now the `global warming' scare of the present. All these scares have advanced the interests of what was a small academic discipline 30 years ago to become a mammoth global industry today. It was his view that this industry has, through the `politics of fear' which it has promoted, acted against the interests of the public.

Author of "The Greenhouse Trap", (Bantam Books, 1989), and also of articles and papers in New Zealand Science Monthly, New Woman, Forest Industries Journal , Norwegian Oil Review, papers in "Climate Change" (Univ. of Western Sydney) and for the 1990 ANZAAS Congress. Written and verbal submissions to the Industry Commission and the 1996 National Greenhouse Response Strategy Review

Numerous invited talks to community groups in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and the A.C.T. on climate change issues.

Participated in several talkback radio and TV interviews and was interviewed for Australian newspaper articles and features on the Greenhouse Effect. Provided research assistance to the UK Channel 4 TV `Equinox' production "The Greenhouse Conspiracy" in 1991 and was also extensively interviewed in, and contributed research to, Australia Channel 9's `cover story' on Greenhouse in their `Sunday' program in April 1993. Also contributed to a TV documentary on Greenhouse by the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

Published articles and public submissions on climate change.

Daly J., "The Greenhouse Trap - why the Greenhouse Effect will not end Life on Earth", Bantam Books, Sydney, 1989, ISBN 0-947-189-77-7

Daly J., "Climate of Opinion", New Zealand Science Monthly, Sep-1990

Daly J., "The Greenhouse Effect: Is It Just Hot Air?", New Woman, Jan 1990, p.132.

Daly J., "Holes in the Greenhouse", Australian Forest Industries Jnl. Sep-1990, p.10

Daly J., "The Luke-Warm Greenhouse", ANZAAS Congress, Hobart 1990, Univ of New South Wales archive, 1990.

Daly J., "Greenhouse - A Dissenting View", from Burgin S. (Ed.), "Climate Change - Implications for Natural Resource Conservation", Univ. of Western Sydney, Nov 1993, p.35-52

Daly J., "A Critique of - `Developing Regional Climate Change Scenarios: Their Reliability and Seriousness' by Dr Barrie Pittock", from Burgin S. (Ed.), "Climate Change - Implications for Natural Resource Conservation", Univ. of Western Sydney, Nov 1993, p.29-34

Daly J., submission to "The Costs & Benefits Of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions", Industry Commission, Canberra, 1994 - Also gave a verbal submission to the Commission in Hobart.

Daly J., "Waiting For Greenhouse", submission to National Greenhouse Response Strategy Review, Canberra, 1996

Daly, John L., "Australia Refuses To Sacrifice Future: Cool Realism From Potential Ally - Will Norway Listen?", Norwegian Oil Review, Vol 23 No. 7, pp26-32, August 1997

2000 - Written submission to the Australian parliament's Joint Standing Committee on Treaties, 2000

May 2000 - Presentation to the inaugural conference of the Lavoisier Group, Melbourne

July 2000 - Presentation on the current state of climate science to a group of 42 Government Members of Parliament at Parliament House, Canberra.

2000 - Five major reports on aspects of climate science for the Greening Earth Society, Washington DC

Sept 2001 - Presentation on climate science to the Lavoisier Group, Melbourne

Founder of `Still Waiting for Greenhouse' website

Public Debates with Greenhouse scientists

1989 ABC Radio, Sydney. Debate with Dr Barrie PIttock of CSIRO
1989 ABC Radio, Melbourne. Debate with Bill Hare, deputy directory of the Australian Conservation

1989 ABC Radio, Tasmania. Debate with Dr John Todd, University of Tasmania
1990 Carlton Club, Melbourne. Invited public debate with Dr Graeme Pearman of CSIRO
1992 University of Western Sydney. Conference debate with Dr Barrie Pittock of CSIRO
1999 Crown Casino, Melbourne. Public debate with Prof. Ian Lowe of Griffith University, Brisbane
1999 Melbourne Radio FM, `Prodos' programme. Debate with Dr Willem Bouma, CSIRO Atmospheric Division.
2001 Engineering Australia annual conference. Debate with Dr Chris Mitchell, CSIRO Atmospheric Division

Willie Soon is a Physicist at the Solar, Stellar and Planetary Division, in the Harvard-Smithsonian Center of Astrophysics, and an astronomer at the Mount Wilson Observatory. He is also Science Director at Tech Central Station.

He writes and lectures professionally and publicly, about important issues related with the Sun and similar stars, and the Earth, as well as on general topics about astronomy and physics.

His original book (with S. Yaskell) “The Maunder Minimum and the Variable Connection Sun-Earth” was published at the end of 2003 by the World Scientific Publishing Company.

Opinions expresed by Dr. Willie Soon in his articles are not the official view of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Dr. Willie Soon - USA
Dr. Sallie Baliunas - USA

Sallie Balliunas, Ph.D. in Physics, is an astrophyisicist at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Served as Deputy Director in the Mount Wilson Observatory and as a Senior Scientists in the George C. Marshall Institute in Washington, DC, presides the Institute's Sciences Advisor Panel, and she was an contributing editor to the World Climate Report.

Her awards include the Newton-Lacy-Pierce Prize from the American Society of Astronomy and the Bok Prize from the Harvard University.

She has written more than 200 articles on scientific research. In December 1991, Discover magazine described Dr. Baliunas as one of the most oustanding women researchers.

She was technical consultant in Gene Roddenberry's science fiction TV series “The Final Conflict", since 1997 to 2001.

She got her M.A. degree in 1975, and her PH.D. in Astrophysics in 1980 in Harvard University.

Dr. Baliunas interests in research include solar variability and other factors in the climate change, magneto hydrodynamics in the Sun abd similar stars, exoplanets and the use of laser electro-óptics for the correction of turbulence in astronomic images due to Earth's atmosphere.

Opinions expresed by Dr. Sallie Baliunas his articles are not the official view of the Harvard-Smithso-nian Center for Astrophysics.

Carlos Wotzkow - Switzerland

Carlos Wotzkow, born in La Habana in 1961, and exiled in Switzerland since 1992, is an ornithologist specialized in raptors, and author of several docens articles about the basic ecology of those birds, was forced to leave Cuba - after suffering the repeated harassment from Cuban authorities due to his writtings and ecological protests. He is the permanent contributor to our Section "La Ecología en Cuba" in FAEC's website.

He published his first book, Natumaleza Cubana, in 1998, with a prologue by the eminent Cuban poet Guillermo Cabrera Infante, where he denounces projects and institutions used by Fidel Castro for destroying the Cuban environment. His second book published in 2001, Covering and Discovering, was co-authored by Agustín Blázquez. His work is based on more than 1038 research trips in the Cuban archipielago. He is also a private pilot with numerous flight hours over his home country.


Pierre Lutgen - Luxembourg

Members of FAEC



Five years of studies at Gral. Paz Military Lyceum, Córdoba, graduated as Second Lieutenant, Infantry. Spent three years studying Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering at Córdoba National University. In 1960 took a course on commercial art at the Art Student's League in New York, and on return to his country, spent years in the field of advertising, technical and scientific photography, and the production of movie and TV commercials. This led him to conduct a long expedition to the Amazon jungle in 1970, descending the Amazon River from Iquitos, Perú, to Manaus, Brazil. Once there, was invited to participate in a "Jungle Survival, and Guerrilla Warfare" course, being taught at the "Centro de Operaçoes na Selva e Açoes de Commando" (COSAC), from the Brazilian Army, graduating as "Jungle Expert".

Later Activities

Director of the Board at his family industry, limestone and lime factory, in charge of many functions related with quality control & production, public relations, advertising and computing.

At the same time colaborated with his brother - scientific researcher in Neurophysiology and Professor at Córdoba National University, Dr. Horacio Ferreyra - in the Institute of Medical Research "Merce-des & Martín Ferreyra" in Córdoba, helping in the area of electronics and scientific photography.

In January 1980, conducted an expedition into a Jivaro indian tribe on the Wichimi River, in the Ecuadorian Amazon, few miles from the Peruvian border. He went along with César Miranda, Emerit Professor at the National University in Córdoba, Argentina, and together made a research that suggested the Jivaro indians came from Okinawa, Japan. This theory should be further researched by the analysis and comparison of chromosomes between Jivaros and people in Okinawa.

In 1983 was the head of the Technical Translations Dept. at AECL, (Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd) the canadian company that built the Embalse Nuclear Power Generating Station in the province of Córdoba, Argentina. In 1984, was transferred to CONARCAN, (Argentinean-Canadian Consortium) in charge of the construction of the hydroelectric complex at Piedra del Águila, (Michihuao, Pichi Picún Leufú), in the Argentinean Patagonia.

In 1990, founded FAEC (Argentinean Foundation for a Scientific Ecology), along with some other concerned professionals, University professors and journalists, worried by the overwhelming misinformation and scientific frauds plaguing the environmental field.

In 1995, moved to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, starting the construction of a "base of operations" for Adventure Travel and Eco-tourism, in the Guarayos region, deep in the Bolivian Amazon jungle. He was followed in this project by professor Miranda, also a member of FAEC, and a longtime comrade of amazonian adventures. During the building of the Anaconda Lodge, they took travelers downriver into the jungle, advising them in survival techniques, ethnological and scientific information about animal and vegetal species, as well in basic techniques of photography, video taping and special care of the equipments.

In 1998 both returned to Córdoba, Argentina, where they still hope some investor will like to make a "joint-venture" in order to finish the Anaconda Lodge project (see here details of the project and pictures)

Dr. Enrique César Lerena de la Serna - Ethologist

Prof. César Miranda

Emerit Professor of Córdoba National University

Retired Professor in Design and Etching at the Faculty of Phylosophy and Literature, Córdoba National University,

Member of the Societé International de Gravures en Bois, XYLON, Switzerland.


FAEC - Argentinean Foundation for a Scientific Ecology

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