Oily Al

By Lowell Ponte
FrontPageMagazine.com | September 20, 2000

EARTH’S CLIMATE IS WARMING, Vice President Gore continues to claim with religious zeal. But that is only one of the reasons Gore will be responsible as men, women, and children shiver, freeze, or are forced to spend their food and medicine money to buy history’s highest-priced heating oil this coming winter.

Gore does not care. The election will be over in seven weeks, just before winter seizes the nation in its icy grip. By then, the foolish will have voted for Oily Al to replace Slick Willy.

Gore’s only fear is that winter might come early, as snows did recently in summery England. Then the Democratic campaign of distractions (“A Bush ad flashed the word ‘RATS’!”) might falter. If people, even for a moment, slip out of their hypnotic trance, they will recognize Gore for what he really is.

We used to wonder whether Al Gore was a knave or a fool. Is he a totally corrupt political opportunist, or a sincere environmental fanatic? In recent weeks, the answer has become obvious: Gore is a knave and a fool, and if elected President he would govern as our own Caligula. (He has already begun by imitating the Emperor Nero, fiddling while America’s forests burned because, as the August 21 Washington Times reported, the Clinton-Gore Administration had diverted fire-fighting funds to spend on expropriating private property.)

Gore’s environmental insanity overtook him just after Michael Dukakis bested him for the 1988 Democratic Presidential nomination. Gore’s life was adrift, deep in debt and despair. His response was to write a book, Earth In The Balance. His motive, Gore says, was noble idealism. More likely it began with his recognition that, in seeking the highest office, Gore had no hard core of followers and devotees who passionately wanted him to be President. To get that, he had to be the leader of a cause. And, since his fellow socialists had concealed their red beneath the olive drab camouflage of the environmental movement - a cunningly self-righteous way to empower government to abolish industry and private property - Gore staked his claim among the wild things and wild people to seduce a fake-fur army with which he could seize the White House.

Gore’s wife has said his real inner desire was to be a writer. Maybe that is why the writing of Earth in the Balance poured from his pen like a river in flood, moving him to make some politically extreme statements. E.g., he would abolish today’s internal combustion engines in our cars and trucks because “We now know that their cumulative impact on the global environment is posing a mortal threat to the security of every nation that is more deadly than that of any military enemy we are ever again likely to confront” (p. 325). As Gore wrote this in 1988, more than 10,000 Soviet nuclear warheads were aimed at American children.

Gore also called for huge taxes on gasoline, natural gas, coal, and electricity generated therefrom to reduce the greenhouse-causing carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere by burning fossil fuels (p. 349). Gore wrote with apparent disregard for the future votes of Michigan auto workers who make their living building cars with those evil engines or petroleum workers who pump that evil gasoline.

Gore sank into the quicksand of environmental extremism. But his book won critical praise in the Leftist press, attracted naïve followers, and gave Gore an undeserved reputation for deep thinking and high idealism.

But if Gore had been sincere, his greenhouse politics would have come crashing down a few weeks ago when a Magnitude 9 earthquake shook the science of climatology and past assumptions linking fossil fuels to global warming.

Shortly before Gore wrote his book, the most famous climatologist in America was Dr. James Hansen of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York. Dr. Hansen had appeared before congress to announce that he had detected the “signal” that proved global warming was not just theoretical but real, and that carbon dioxide pollution from burning fossil fuels was to blame. The sky was falling, said Hansen, and his words made newspaper headlines and cover stories in major news magazines. (Unreported in the popular press was the story of a meeting of climatologists that year from around the planet which the journal Science headlined “Hansen vs. The World,” the world of fellow climatologists who almost to a person denounced him for exaggerating the data and misleading the public.)

But in year 2000, a month ago, Dr. Hansen announced that new, more sophisticated research had brought him to a new conclusion. The real cause of global warming, he now theorizes, is NOT carbon dioxide. It is other kinds of air pollution - especially tropospheric ozone, methane, chlorofluorcarbons (CFCs), and black carbon (soot) particles.

“The good news,” Gore’s guiding light Dr. Hansen now says, “is that the growth rate of non-CO2 greenhouse gases has declined in the past decade, and if sources of methane and tropospheric ozone were reduced in the future, further changes in climate due to these gases in the next 50 years could be near zero.”

Dr. Hansen’s new, “more optimistic scenario,” as he is quoted by United Press International, “focuses on reducing non-CO2 (greenhouse gases) and black carbon during the next 50 years. Our estimates of global warming… indicate that it is the non-CO2 (greenhouse gases) that have caused most observed global warming.”

Dr. Hansen is a serious scientist, and scientists go where the evidence leads. It now leads him to conclude that he was wrong, that carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels has not been a major cause of global warming. And therefore, logically, major efforts to reduce fossil fuel CO2 emissions will do almost nothing to slow global warming, a problem we are already overcoming anyway by other means.

But Al Gore is neither serious nor honest. He is a cheap politician who built his reputation and following as a foe of evil fossil fuels and internal combustion engines. Gore set himself up as savior of the world, the leader who would banish global warming. He almost single-handedly forced through the Kyoto Protocol, which puts no urgent restrictions on fossil fuel use in China, Mexico, or India, but imposes draconian controls on American cars and industry and a tax of 50 cents or more on every gallon of gasoline. The U.S. Senate has refused to ratify this nutty treaty, but Clinton and Gore have largely abided by it without ratification.

As former U.S, Senator Tim Wirth (D.-Colorado), now international bootlick to Hillary Clinton, once told a group of political leaders: “We ought to ‘ride’ the global warming issue, because even if the theory proves wrong, it will lead us to make changes we should make anyway,” like the abolition of private industry and private property.

Gore ‘rode’ the global warming issue all the way to the Vice Presidency and to the Democratic nomination. But only a dozen weeks from election day, this horse collapsed. The scientist Godfather of public concern over global warming, Dr. James Hansen, in effect declared: “Whoops, my mistake. Sorry, but go on burning fossil fuel. Just don’t burn things that flood the atmosphere with pollutants like soot - don’t burn forests, for example, as Al Gore did.”

So Al Gore wants to be Emperor, to wear the regal fake ermine and purple. But suddenly the Emperor has no clothes. The greenhouse theory on which Gore bet his career has gone bust. There’s no more urgent justification for government to impose sudden shutdowns on factories, or confiscatory carbon taxes on gasoline, or miles-per-gallon restrictions on carmakers.

The chief rationale for Gore’s Presidential campaign -- to save the planet -- just went “Poof” and vanished. Luckily for him, the media is full of allies as stupid and ideological as Gore himself. You will notice that Gore’s co-conspirators have taken care not to inform you that the most prominent scientist advocate of CO2 global warming just changed his mind. This is not a media oversight.

If Gore himself were honest, or sincerely scientific, he would have held a press conference with Dr. Hansen. Gore would have announced that he had been mistaken. Gore would have terminated his fanatic environmental crusade, and called on the world’s nations to burn all copies of the Kyoto Protocol and his now-obsolete propaganda pamphlet Earth in the Balance. Instead, Gore weeks ago boastfully re-issued this book he now knows to be wrong based on the latest scientific evidence and analysis. In this, as in almost everything else he says, Gore knowingly has promoted a falsehood and fraud on the American people.

Gore in his book quotes Hansen (p. 176), and then condemns the Bush White House for describing Hansen’s doomsaying about global warming as “highly speculative.”

“Why would the Bush White House go to such lengths to avoid facing facts about the environment?” wrote Gore (p. 176). “Is it because the necessary changes would be sufficiently discomfiting to voters….?” But now, in Year 2000, Dr. Hansen has retracted his earlier warning, on the basis of which Gore was eager to destroy America’s economy and industry. And now Al Gore is willing to “go to such lengths to avoid facing facts about the environment,” especially the fact that global warming can be controlled without much concern for carbon dioxide or fossil fuel use.

Apparently the only way to restore sanity to the Presidency is to create a new Bush White House.

But even before Dr. Hansen’s new research was revealed, the evidence was clear that Al Gore is a rather odd environmentalist. His family fortune came from Occidental Petroleum and its eccentric head Armand Hammer, whose father founded the Communist Party USA. The Gore family controls up to $1 million worth of Occidental stock, and Al himself is paid $20,000 per year ($300,000 in all to this date) to lease mineral rights on Gore property by an Occidental zinc mining operation cited for polluting the adjacent Tennessee river.

Despite an obvious conflict of interest, the Clinton-Gore Administration in 1997 allowed Occidental Petroleum to buy 47,000 acres of the U.S. Navy’s Elk Hills strategic oil reserve near Bakersfield, California, for only $100 per acre. This purchase tripled Occidental’s corporate oil reserve and boosted the value of its stock by about 10 percent - and Gore family shares by $100,000. Elk Hills is also involved in the Teapot Dome scandal, which erupted because Republican President Warren G. Harding’s Interior Secretary in 1921 sold access to it to private oil interests. Lucky for Gore that the Left national media is eager to cover up Democrat scandals and corruption. Gore even had the chutzpah to hire a firm to assess the “environmental cost” of this Occidental deal - the firm of ICF Kaiser on whose Board of Directors sat Gore’s future campaign chairman, the former California Congressman who resigned under a cloud of financial scandal Tony Coehlo. Luckily for Gore, the Leftist national media is eager to cover up Democrat scandals and corruption.

Ponder Al Gore, the environmentalist who caused American gasoline prices to skyrocket because he imposed reformulated gasoline restrictions on suppliers. Ponder Gore, who in the name of cleaning the air forced a toxic chemical into gasoline that leaked irretrievably into a large percentage of America’s groundwater - a carcinogen that now turns out on re-investigation not even to reduce air pollution. Ponder flaky Al Gore, who wants to restrict Denver residents from burning their fireplaces but favors a “natural” policy of letting whole forests burn down, endangered species and all. Ponder the demented Al Gore who urged Clinton to expropriate and prohibit mining on millions of acres of Utah land whose clean, low sulfur coal tax revenues had been promised to public schools for Utah’s children -- all so the Indonesian-Chinese Riady funders of Clinton-Gore could have a more profitable global monopoly on such coal. Ponder wacky Al Gore, who opposes fossil fuel and nuclear power but now wants to tear down the one “clean” major source of electricity America has - the hydropower dams of the Pacific Northwest. Gore is environmental, minus the mental.

Ponder Al Gore, who says he cares about the little people but wants to sock them with one of the most regressive of all taxes - a tax of 50 cents to $2 per gallon on every gallon of gasoline they need to get to work. (Under Clinton-Gore, about 54 percent - more than half - of the cost of every gallon of gasoline is already direct or indirect taxes. But Gore, the socialist, looks to England where 85 percent of the $5 per gallon cost of gas is taxes and rubs his greedy, grasping hands together with glee, eager to impose similar taxes in America.

When Clinton and Gore took power, America imported 49 percent of its oil. Today, after almost a decade of oppressive taxes and regulation on our own oil industry and of incompetent domestic and foreign policy, America imports 60 percent of its oil, making us that much more dependent on foreign nations. And just to make sure America remains dependent, Gore has prevented all attempts to tap one of the world’s largest oil reserves, the Arctic National Wilderness Reserve we own in the barren far northern Alaska wilderness.

Clinton and Gore also refuse to release more from America’s strategic petroleum reserve, despite pleas from Leftist senators such as Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Schumer warns that home heating oil prices could double, and others say triple, this winter.

Earlier this week world oil prices reached $37 per barrel, almost four times the $10 a barrel they were only 21 months ago. One reason is that Clinton and Gore reportedly urged other oil producers to reduce their output to increase the oil revenues of Iran, Indonesia, Mexico, and Russia. As a result, these nations have more money with which to repay American bankers - although Russia has diverted much of its revenue to building a new generation of intercontinental missiles with 10 warheads apiece, both for its own use and sale to China. Al Gore oversaw tens of billions of dollars in U.S. foreign aid to Russia, most of which vanished into the accounts of the Russian mafia; it’s a good bet that millions will find their way back into Gore’s presidential campaign coffers, just as Communist Chinese millions did in 1996.

A knave and a fool, Al Gore might become President of the United States. As you can see from the fabric of evidence above, Gore is also criminally insane and a serious threat to the future of American families, children and grandchildren. If major Democrat contributor and author Gail Sheehy can speculate that Gov. George W. Bush has Attention Deficit Disorder and the same kind of dyslexia suffered by George Washington and Andrew Jackson, can we likewise diagnose the mental health of Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.? The evidence is strong that Gore suffers HDS, Honesty Deficiency Syndrome; MDS, Morality Deficiency Syndrome; and RTDF, Rational Thought Deficiency Syndrome. But Gore has no lack of ego, arrogance, or blind self-righteousness. Or does he? Gore has refused to hold a press conference since July 17, apparently afraid of the questions reporters might ask him to answer.

In four years as President Gore could do so much damage to the human ecosystem of America that the nation of Washington and Jefferson might become extinct. If Gore reaches the Oval Office, all free people will be endangered species.

To survive his next attack on you, chill when you learn that Gore has used your taxes to concoct a propaganda study about global warming targeted for mid-October release to boost his campaign. It’s one of Gore’s many gimmicky October Surprises. (Another might be Saddam Hussein creating a distraction to help defeat the son of his nemesis President George Bush.) Or maybe you should get hot enough to go to the polls on November 7, knowing that Gore knows this report is a lie even as he unleashes it. Those like Gore who live in Greenhouses shouldn’t cast stones. And they should certainly never be elected to any office of public trust.

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