Tuvalu Stung
(6 April 2002)

The bluff of the Tuvalu government has finally been called. They were the government group who led the cry about small nations being swamped beneath the waves of rising seas. Theirs were the coral atolls which the Greens cried crocodile tears over, mourning the `desperate plight' of the islanders. Tuvalu even wanted international compensation, and for Australia and New Zealand to guarantee `residency' to their 12,000 islanders in the event of inundation.

The scam was first exposed on this site, citing evidence from a tide gauge installed at Funafuti, the capital of Tuvalu. (See Tuvalu Cons the Kiwis (17 Oct 01) and Tuvalu Sting (20 Jul 2001).

Now the National Tidal Facility, based in Adelaide, Australia, has dismissed the Tuvalu claims as unfounded. They have maintained accurate monitoring of sea level at Tuvalu. According to their latest news release on the issue, `Sea Level in Tuvalu: It's Present State', the NTF concludes "The historical record from 1978 through 1999 indicated a sea level rise of 0.07 mm per year." This compares with the IPCC claim of 1 - 2.5 mm/yr for the world as a whole, indicating the IPCC claim is based on faulty modelling. The IPCC also claims the rate of sea level rise will accelerate. But the NTF put the damper on that too - "The historical record (from Tuvalu) shows no visual evidence of any acceleration in sea level trends."

The above graph of maximum, mean, and minimum sea levels at Tuvalu was included in the report, the only significant feature of which are the periodic drops in sea level during El Niño events. None of the above data was new, or even unobtainable (I got it last year), so the uncritical zeal with which the industry and the IPCC bought into the alarmist Tuvalu claims, indicates the degree to which they had lost touch with science and reality. Little wonder the US government wants to be rid of the IPCC co-chair Robert Watson in favour of an Indian nominee.

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