Station(s) of the Week
(30th November 2002)

Each week, the temperature history of a weather station(s) somewhere in the world will be presented. Most will be from rural sites or small towns, not the big cities to reduce the impact of errors from urban heat islands.  Here is `Global Mean Temperature'  for the 20th century, based on an averaging of mostly city-based surface stations. Note the post-1970s warming, a warming not evident in the satellite record of global temperature (as shown on the main page).

See if the `Station of the Week' has a record like the global one claimed here. Both this global average and the `station of the week' originate from the same data source, the Goddard Institute for Space Studies 

All stations previously shown here are also available at the Stations Page

This Week - Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada

Whitehorse is a small city in southern Yukon sitting among the Coast Mountains of western Canada.

A new study in Nature of a glacier ice core taken from Mount Logan west of Whitehorse (and conveniently published just in time for the Kyoto debate in Canada's parliament) claims that western Canada has been warming since 1850.

That's hardly surprising as 1850 was still in the depths of the Little Ice Age, and a recovery from that climate event was both to be expected and inevitable once the sun picked up its activity.  So the study has nothing new to tell us there.

The lead author, Prof. Kent Moore of the University of Toronto, made the usual pitch to the media, talking up the significance of the study.  But it is his media comments which reveal the manifestly political purpose of the study - 

Moore said in part - "We need to be serious about this.  Kyoto is a start - I don't know if it's all we have to do.  But for our children and our children's sake, we need to deal with this because we caused this."

Note the usual emotive propaganda appeal to "the children's sake" as if he and his ilk had a monopoly on having children.  But more to the point, `caused what?'    What exactly does he think we have `caused'?   His team finds warming from 1850, a full century before anthropogenic greenhouse gases were even significant, which means that particular warming was entirely natural, not caused by man.

So must he mean recent warming?  That's easy to determine - check the station record from Whitehorse east of Mount Logan.  That way we have real scientific data, not environmental rhetoric, no appeals to children or grandchildren.

Here is annual mean temperature for Whitehorse, 1942 to 2002


The warmest year was 1944, the coldest 1972.  2002, the end year in the series, is coming in at virtually the same temperature as the start year, 1942.

Breaking that record down into the seasons, we have this - 

As we can see, there is nothing there - no long term warming, just big inter-annual swings, which is normal for high latitude locations like this.

We can safely conclude that the real significance of Moore's paper and the `international team of scientists' who participated in the ice core study, is not the data contained in the study, but the timing of the publication - just in time to influence the Kyoto Protocol ratification debate in the Canadian parliament.

Any science which so blatantly engages in politics in this way is not science at all, but ideology.

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