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The Free-Market Environmental Insider Update List

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Climate change theory ca. 1887: by Lawrence Solomon - In the last half of the 19th century, conventional wisdom in North America held that the climate in the Prairies - the vast lands that comprise much of the continent - was changing. In the United States and Canada, tens of governments, thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of individuals spent fortunes in line with this wisdom - the only time in human history that great sums were spent in anticipation of climate change. The conventional wisdom was wrong. The fortunes were lost. Even worse, it took us down a path that led to North America's greatest environmental disaster of the 20th century, and to staggering social costs that still bedevil us today.

Arctic's big melt challenged: New data suggest the North Pole got a little thicker in the 90s. (By BBC News Online's Jonathan Amos). If ever you needed convincing that climate science was complex stuff, just look at the Arctic. We are told the sea ice in the northern polar region is disappearing fast; some computer models even suggest there could be completely open water there during the summers at the end of this century... But a new, and as yet unpublished, piece of research is challenging the idea that a big melt is underway. Dr Greg Holloway, of the Institute of Ocean Sciences in Sidney, Canada, has got tongues wagging with his suggestion that the missing ice is still there, piled up in locations where researchers have not been looking for it.

Chilly, dry spring sets local record: High-pressure ridge behind unusual weather. by Joanna Markell, The Juneau Empire © 2002. - Joan Heidersdorf usually can start to plant some early vegetable crops and flowers in her Mendenhall Valley garden in early May. Not this year. "I'm in a warm spot here and can plant earlier, but I've been waiting and waiting," she said. "Those frosts are pretty heavy at night. They just won't take it."

Testing the Waters A Report on Sea Levels: By John L. Daly, Greening Earth Society Science Advisor.

Environmentalists, federal managers take blame for forest fires: (Washington Post) - As a mammoth blaze continues to rage in eastern Arizona, players in western land debates have begun asking whether this year's fires are fueled by politics. Environmentalists and federal land managers are pointing fingers at each other for the state of the forest. (June, 27, 2002)

Wildfires result of disastrous government policies: (CEI) by staff "As wildfires rage across several western states, a forestry issues expert with the Competitive Enterprise Institute says they're largely the result of a century of misguided fire suppression policies by the federal government and more recent obstructionist tactics by environmental groups." (06/25/02)

More scary claims from the 'junk science' file: (American Council on Science and Health by Terence Corcoran) - "Nothing grabs vigorous reader attention more than references to sexual dysfunction. Looking for a good scare? How about receding testes, shrinking penises, inability to penetrate members of the opposite sex -- and all caused by 'an array of synthetic chemicals known as endocrine disruptors.'" (06/26/02)

The end is nigh, again: (Reason, by Ronald Bailey) - "The United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development is coming up at the end of August, so expect to see a spate of news stories warning that humanity is on an unsustainable economic path. To bolster this notion, environmentalists are positioning their views to make it easy for the press to echo them." (06/26/02)

POPs Treaty and the real 'stolen future': (http://www.healthfactsandfears.com "HealthFactsAndFears.com" by Richard Tren) - "The environmental impacts of DDT use are negligible and the chemical has not only sustained lives, it has improved them immeasurably. All that the eco-imperialist Stockholm Convention seems able to sustain is endless conferences, discussions, workshops, directives, and mountains of paper." (06/27/02)

Denmark's red-ink wind: (Tech Central Station, by Herbert Inhaber) - Denmark's windpower program is winning high praise, but it's an inefficient money loser that generates only a fraction of the country's power. (07/01/02)

Unsigning an unratified treaty: (Empower America, by Jack Kemp) - "[T]he president should instruct ... John Bolton to do with the Kyoto Treaty what he did recently to the Rome treaty creating the International Criminal Court .... He should remove the signature of the United States from it."(6/26/02)

Precautionary Principle raises blood pressure: (HealthFactsAndFears.com, by Henry I. Miller) - "Whole industries have been terrorized, consumers denied product choices, and doctors and their patients deprived of lifesaving tools. The precautionary principle inflates the cost of research, inhibits new product development, wastes resources, restricts consumer choice, creates serious new risks, and costs lives." (06/25/02)

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