Frozen China 
 (from Miceal O'Ronain  4 Jan 03)
[From “Still Waiting for Greenhouse” de John Daly]
China is currently breaking cold and snow records, but this is not being reported by the western press.  Had it been the other way around - warm events - the media would have been salivating about global warming.
Here is how the Chinese People's Daily is reporting it "Yellow River Frozen along 1,211 Kilometers"    China's 5,400-km Yellow River has frozen along a course of about 1,211 kilometers so far this winter, according to sources with the Yellow River Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters. "Snow Hits Northern Guangdong" Snow has been falling in the northern mountain areas of south China's Guangdong Province over the past few days, a rare sight in these areas. "Heavy Snow in Beijing Spells Joy And Trouble"  As streams of pedestrians and vehicles inched along Beijing's streets Monday, China's capital city has been blanketed by falling snow for six days in a row -- its longest consecutive snowfall for the last 128 years. "Taklimakan Covered with Thick Snow"   Taklimakan, the largest desert in China and one of the largest moving ones in the world, has got a 14-cm deposit of snow due to consecutive snowing since December 18.

Asia Freezes
(5 Jan 03)
The freezing weather in China reported above has also spread far beyond China. Anomalous cold weather is also being reported in India, where upwards of 250 people are reported to have died from weather related causes. Bangla Desh has seen 119 such deaths. Japan has seen disruptions to transport services including up to 2,000 people being stranded on trains. Taiwan has seen wintry weather sufficient to threaten native wild life.  Even tropical Vietnam has not been spared where a cold spell has hit northern Vietnam with average temperatures dropping sharply from 13 to 4 degrees Celsius.
Ironically, these are the very countries who the European Union and the Greens imagine will cheerfully sign up to `Son of Kyoto' in 2012.
Power Crisis in Northern Europe  (7 Jan 03)
It seems the whole Northern Hemisphere is being swept up in a deep freeze stretching all the way from the USA to Japan to China, India, Bangladesh, Russia, eastern Europe, and now northern Europe.
Those countries which were wise enough not to degrade their regular power sources for the new `green' sources are well placed to ride through this period.  However, some countries have been foolish enough not to maintain their traditional sources and these are now paying the penalty with insufficient power to meet consumer needs for heating and the prospect of massive electricity bills for consumers. Finland  finds itself with a shortfall of about 10% on power, making up the difference with imported power from Sweden and Russia.   Pity about all those windmills with blades hanging limp just when you need them most.
Norway is similarly hit.  No new national power plant has been built for 10 years or so because of environmental politics. Plans for two new natural gas plants were also ditched a few years ago. Production is now to low to keep up with demand in a normal year. Two elderly Oslo residents died after they were found in unheated apartments. 
Also in Norway, electricity prices have risen three-fold in only a few months as demand-driven consumption is forcing up prices in a recently de-regulated market.

What makes this problem all the more serious is that these countries have very long nights at this time of year, making the freezing cold virtually permanent with little relief from higher daytime temperatures.

A word of advice to our Nordic friends.  Forget Kyoto.  Forget the green delusions.  Forget the UN doomsayers and their `consensus'.   Go build a few coal or gas power plants and put this nightmare behind you.  If `global warming' were that real, this would not be happening.

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