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Scientists have proved that the sun produces about 5 billion ozone molecules each second, all over the world, wherever it shines. This represents the impressive amount of 100 billions tons of ozone every year. You must keep in mind that this tremendous amount of ozone is the one created every year, and not the ozone already present, that is infinitely greater.

Scientists and authorities, after long years of study, established that the
annual production of CFCs was about 1,1000.000 tons. Release fo CFCs to the environment was calculated at 1% of such figure, yielding an amount of 110,000 tons. Averaging the chlorine content in CFCs, the amount of chlorine sent annually to the environment was determined to be 7,500 tons.

As CFCs release annually about 7,500 tons of chlorine, it looks quite unlikely that such trifle quantity of chlorine may destroy huge amounts of ozone and, above all, at such amazing speed. Let us make a comparison: 7,500 versus 100,000,000,000. As this comparison is somehow difficult to visualize --too many zeros-- we are going to divide by ONE MILLION, and take off three zeros. Then we'll reduce from tons (ton) to kilograms (kg) dividing by 1,000.

7,500 tons /1,000,000 = 0,0075 tons - - - - - - - -> = 7,5 kg of chlorine

100,000,000,000 / 1,000,000 = 100,000 tons - - -> = 100 millions kg of Ozone

If we assume, as claimed by the green scientists, that the chlorine contained in CFCs can destroy 10% of the ozone layer, then we can assume that 7,5 kg of chlorine will destroy
10 million kg (10% of 100 million) of the ozone formed annually. In order to determine the ratio between ozone/chlorine we must divide:

10.000.000 kg / 7,5 kg = 1,333,333 ozone molecules

This means that for each chlorine atom exist 1,333,333 ozone molecules. As the greens claim that
by catalytic reactions each chlorine atom can destroy up to 100,000 ozone molecules, in order to determine the amount of chlorine needed for destroying that 10% ozone formed annually (eg.: 10 billion tons) we must use the famous "rule of three":

100.000 is to - - - - - - - - 1
as 1,3 millions are to - - X

equivalent to:

1.333.333 x 1 / 100.000 = 13,33 chlorine atoms
Then, to find the amount of chlorine needed to destroy 10 billion tons of ozone, we must divide 10 billion by 13,33, and the result is 7,500 million tons of chlorine.

Now let us find the amount of CFCs needed to provide those 7,500 million tons of chlorine.

As atomic weight of Freon-11 is
137,5, and chlorine takes account for 35,5 of that weight, the weight ratio of Freon/chlorine is 3,87. Now let us multiply those 7,500 million tons of chlorine by 3,87 and we'll get the amount of Freon needed for destroying the 10 billion tons of ozone that represent the 10% the greens claim will be eventually destroyed.

7,500 millions tons x 3,87 = 29,025 millions tons of Freón-11

Take a close look at this figure: more than 29 billion tons of CFCs are needed for destroying ONLY 10% of the ozone annually created by the sun.

Let us suppose that CFCs produced during the last 42 years (previous years can be discarded because they lack importance) have increased chlorine concentration in the atmosphere at a rate of 7,500 tons chlorine/year, the amount of chlorine supplied by CFCs would be:

7,500 ton/year x 42 = 315,000 tons chlorine


315,000 x 3,87 = 1,219,050 tons Freon-11

Well, these 1,292,050 tons of Freon are much, much less than the 29 Billion tons required for destroying
just the 10% of ozone formed annually. Then, what about the trillions of ozone tons presently in the stratosphere? Worse yet, this would be possible ONLY IF 100% of CFC molecules could reach the uppermost part of the stratosphere, (only 0,01 parts per trillion are able to do it), ONLY IF chlorine atoms were not intercepted by NOx and other gases, and ONLY IF chlorine could attack ozone in other places outside the crystals in the Stratopsheric Polar Clouds in the Antarctic (that does not happen because of laws in the gaseous phase of chemistry).

Let us make our last calculation: How many years would take for chlorine, under present conditions, to destroy that 10% of ozone formed annually? (Always speaking of present annual rate of chlorine emission of 7,500 tons) We must substract the
1,219,000 tons of CFCs accumulated in the last 50 years from the 29.0 Billion tons of CFCs required to destroy the 10% of ozone formed annually, and then divide it by the 7,500 tons of CFCs annually entering the atmosphere. Let's see:

29.0 Billions ­ 1.219 Billons = 27.806 Billions Tons of CFC

27.806 Billion / 7,500 = 3,707,466 years

Take another close look at the last figure: more than 3.7 million years! Even more: how much would have UV radiation increased after 3,7 million years? 5%?, 10, 20% perhaps?

According to studies made by Isidoro Orlansky & Enrique Martinez, from the Physics Laboratory at the
Buenos Aires National University, Argentina, (LAGE) after research on Mini-Ozone Holes over Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, found that a 50% decrease in ozone values yielded a mere 15% of UV radiation increase. So a 25% decrease in ozone levels will result in a mere 7,5% increase of UV radiation, the increase naturally produced from one week to another during springtime.

Don't you believe now that the concern over the Ozone layer is nothing but
a huge, mean, and perverse stupidity?

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