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Speech at the Promotion of Western Alienation Rally at the Steps of the Alberta Legislature Building

Aug. 27, 2005, by Alar H. Aksberg

I am here today to only represent myself and the knowledge I have built up about major environmental issues. The Kyoto agreement is one of several environmental issues that are very poorly understood, and generally misrepresented, among Albertans. The Kyoto agreement is an issue that may not have a solution for Alberta within Canada. So a rally supporting Alberta Independence and Western Alienation is a good forum for my topic.

Do you remember the slogan “Duck and cover” from years past? Was it helpful in any way? Would it have made any difference if you were hiding below your desk in a classroom when the entire building would evaporate around you? It did not really teach any good and useful lessons in personal protection .

There was a subliminal lesson, that very few have caught on to. It taught You to trust Authority, the Leader. And even more, that Big Brother, the Government Experts, are out to help you to survive some imagined disaster. Some catchy slogans and united 'we can do it' mentality fed this nonsense.

To trust and rely on Government for 'rescue' may be the most dangerous lesson anybody could learn. I think this has contributed to the lowering voter turnout at elections. The thinking has become that it does not make any difference anyhow, because Big Brother knows best. Just sit back and watch the post election coverage on CBC TV to see by how much the Liberal Team is winning by this time. Election Hockey Night in Canada.

A people lulled into this zombie like condition will drift along nicely and just do some casual complaining just to stay in fashion. When something goes wrong nearby; call for a Public Inquiry and everything will be fine.

When a supposed comedian is then promoting some One Ton Challenge and Cleaner Air, it must be good. Straight from the mind of the benevolent Big Brother.

Watch out. The impact of the Kyoto Agreement will make the National Energy Program (NEP) of the 1980's to seem like a slight inconvenience.

How dare you to call the NEP a slight inconvenience, you argue. It laid Albertas economy in ruins for over a decade.

Let us first look at the Kyoto agreement itself. About 20 pages of rather easy to read text, and a hidden agenda. The governance is by an unelected subcommittee of the United Nations, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC. That is a group appointed by the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme.

The have the Power and you cannot elect any of its members, either directly or indirectly. It is supposed to be a scientific expert group, but has the direct power to govern the World Economy because it governs the Global Energy Use. By the invention of buying 'carbon credits' it is also introducing Global Taxation. With it, true government is moved from, albeit corrupt, but elected, government in Ottawa, to a back-room secret club in the UN bureaucracy. The result is World Government and Taxation by stealth. The claimed science they build their argument on is flimsy at best, but some may be outright dishonest.

There is no consensus about the validity of the science. Several scientific movements are challenging the IPCC claims. In headcount among scientists, the 'IPCC science' would be rejected, but they have the blessing of the UN. Noisy special interest groups caused government support. Good funding for even remotely related proper science is easily obtained if the 'Sesame Open' words of 'Global Warming' are in the funding proposal. The IPCC, and the related 'science' attempts to govern how much carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (NOX) is released into the air.

If you think this it is about cleaning the air, you are dead wrong. Almost every imaginable industry and human activity is deeply affected. There is an overall reduction of Canadian energy use to 94% of the 1990 consumption. In real terms, about a one third reduction from today's level. Looking down their list we find:

Alar H. Aksberg

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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