Ghostbusting Temperatures


Click on the station name in the list to get the chart and plotted trend
(Blue color means cooling - Red means warming, Green = no change)
Border: +0.9 F
Cheyenne: +1.6 F
Chugwater: +2.4 F
Colony: +1.6 F
Diversion: +1.8 F
Dubois: +2.3 F
Evanston: +1.25 F
Green River: -1.5 F
Lake Yellowstone: +0.8 F

Laramie: -0.9 F
Lusk: +0.5 F
Midwest: +0.1 F
Moran: +2.25 F
Newcastle: +0.75 F
Pathfinder: 0.0 F
Pavillion: -1.3 F
Pine Bluffs: +1.2 F
Pinedale: 0.0 F

Powell: +1.9 F
Riverton: +0.8 F
Rock Springs: +5.2 F
Saratoga: +1.3 F
Sheridan: +0.6 F
Torrington: +0.9 F
Wheatland: +0.03 F
Yellowstone Park: +2.35 F

Average: +0.921 F - (+ 0.516 C)


The stations on the map are uniformely distributed, and the temperature trend is a clear representation of the climate status of the region.

Wyoming had a warming of +0.921 F in 100 years, at +0.09 F per decade (+ 0,05 C). Again, this kind of warming is negligible for such an extended period of time.

However, Wyoming shows some weird things leading us to believe that even in the USA, with the best metorological network, somebody goofed when measuring temperatures and/or translating them into the records that were later used for compiling trends. Let us take the case of Diversion and Pavillion, at the centre of the state, very few miles apart from each other. The former has warmed by 1,8 F and the latter has cooled by 1,3 F. One of the record must be faulty because that difference between two very close stations is not plausible.

Worse yet is the case of Green River and Rock Springs, at the south, where the first one cooled by not less than 1,5 F, while the other one warmed by not less than 5,2 F !. Green River and Rock Springs are closer together than Diversion and Pavillion. Though Rock Springs' warming can be attributed to the "urban heat island effect", the 5.2 F warming is so high that there must be other reasons for such a large increase - as poor measuring techniques, goofing while making the records, or both. Another explanation could be that the station was really engulfed by massive cement structures or factories or airports reirradiating enormous amounts of heat.

Are these records trustable? Can we trust warming predictions based on untrutworthy records? Must we hypotecate the development and future well being of hundreds of nations and billions of people just because a highly politicized organization has based its predictions and its Kyoto Protocol on faulty science, carloads of uncertainties, and total ignorance of many climatic factors?

Global warming means there is an overall warming everywhere in the world, but there must be a reason for the cooling in some regions - reason that has not been explained by any climate model. As CO2 is blamed for the temperature increase and, as CO2 has increased steadily, there shouldn't be any cooling anywhere. As we see cooling in many places around the world, the relation between CO2 and temperature increase has been grossly exagerated.

Furthermore, as the relation between CO2 and temperature is derived from computer models, these climatic models are not an accurate image of the climatic system, and they cannot give an accurate prediction of the future climate.

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